Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer 2013

Summer 2013 has been BUSY!
We have gone to a SF Giants game.
Sacramento River Cats game.
Jalen gotta play basketball thru the parks and rec.
4th of July fun!
Children's museum.
South Lake Tahoe.

Folsom aquatic center.
Plus more..

I swear we have done and been more places this summer.
Driven up and down, side to side of California this summer time.

We really have been busy, but having a great time while being busy!

So.. Here is a photo bomb of photos! :) 

 Folsom Aquatic Center

First preschool field trip! Sac Zoo

 Mini golfing with Uncle Evan

  Boating on Folsom Lake, South Lake Tahoe, Placer County Fair.

 Someone LOVED Dumbo.
No it wasnt Ryan! LOL

4th of July.
He loved the sparklers!
Peeing in the grass so he wouldnt miss the show!
River Cats, Giggler, Baseball star!

Momma's boy <3

Goggles make everything funnier!
How can you not love him??
So now that fall time is coming just around the corner..
I personally can not wait for fall!
I love the smell of apple pie, pumpkins.
Seeing all the cute fall decorations!
Well, thanks for visiting!
Our summer has been pretty fun this year! Hopefully next year will be just as awesome as this year! :) 

One of my fav pictures from Disneyland.
We were riding the haunted mansion (for the 20th time, ok not really maybe for the 5th time.)
Its funny that its totally focused on Jalen and yet our heads are cut off.

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  1. yayay I missed you! Jalen is so big and so dang cute!