Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012

This is going to be a crazy photo bomb of a blog.
For the whole month of September.
I know, I know...
A picture a day.
But seriously this month has been crazy busy with:
-cleaning, organizing, painting, unpacking, throwing shit, I mean stuff away.
No joke.
Its been a wild month. 
Uh hmm.
Here we go. Hopefully you can keep up with me on this LONG picture bomb!
 1st day back! Cleaning out the cabinets!
 Happy baby and happy daddy! :)
 We pulled all the bushes up in the front and put rocks down!
 And rocks in the backyard! 9/8/12
 Splash park!
 Snuggling in mommy and daddy's bed!
We have paint on our white walls!!!
 Ryan and I went on a little trip.
We went to Disneyland for 4 days!
Had an amazing time just having fun!
Rode soo many rides!!!
I didn't want to leave, but I miss my little man! 9-12-2012
 Jalen's room got painted!!
Plus his J got framed! Thanks for the idea pinterest! :)
 Swimmer and cowboy! :) 
 Dressing up and having fun with friends!! :) 9-22-12

 Last night in his pack n play!
Our house hold goods are to arrive tomorrow! 9-24-12
 Never have I been sooo happy to see our stuff!
Honestly we had a great great move.
Took 1 month and 4 days for our things to arrive from Hawaii.
Only one thing was broken, which was a night stand.
And it was only torn in the back, where you cant even see it.
Plus Jalen's basketball hoop is a bit bent.
Other than that, everything was perfect!!
Thank goodness.
I was stressed!
I am soooo glad and re-leaved to have our stuff back!!
Not just stuff, it is what makes our house a home!
Our home! :) 
 Playing trucks while mommy unpacks!
 Pictures getting put up!!
 Jalen's room!

 Formal living room/dining room.
We had a ground breaking on our new community park today!
Sooo excited!
We have been waiting for over 5 years for the park to be built!
Next spring '13, it should be up and running!
Splash pad, toddler and big kid park, half bball court and tons of walk ways trees and grass!!
Riding CARS at CA Adventure!
 Some more pictures from disneyland! :)

Visiting Bodega Bay!
 Sept 30 - 2012
Jalen is rocking his niners gear!

Well, if you made it this far, THANKS! :) 
Its been a busy, busy, busy, stressful and fun month!
We have really been go go go.
Fixing things in our house.
Visiting family and friends.
Hopefully October will be a lot slower paced.
And I will be able to stay up to date on my one pic a day.
Instead of photo bombing you! :) 
I promise to post better pictures of our home.
99% of the pictures I just posted are off of my phone.
And I have hung pictures up (finally).
So next month, I will post better pictures of each room!

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